Community News – The Riley family creates scholarship for hospitality management students at SMCC

Southern Maine Community College announced on Monday, January 30 that Dayna and Sean Riley, of the Maine Course Hospitality Group, have created an endowment to establish the Riley Family Scholarship.

The scholarship will provide annual financial assistance and support to Southern Maine Community College hospitality management students.

Southern Maine Community College announced that Dayna and Sean Riley, of the Maine Course Hospitality Group, have created a grant to establish the Riley Family Scholarship. Courtesy photo

Dayna and Sean Riley have spent 40 years in the hotel and restaurant industry and are currently part of the Maine Course Hospitality Group, with 24 hotels in Maine, New England, upstate New York and Florida. The Rileys were initially connected to SMCC through their son, Shamus Riley, who was in college. Sean also served as a college counselor.

“Our son has graduated from this program, as have many of our team members, going on to become a director of corporate operations,” Sean Riley said in an email. “The hospitality industry relies on programs like the Hospitality Management Program at SMCC to support our hotels and Maine’s economy. This industry has been good for our family, so helping SMCC students get into this business allows us to give back.”

“If you read the purpose of the Maine Course Hospitality Group, the first words are ‘to make a positive impact on lives.’ Riley’s and the Maine Course have built their business on the same foundation as SMCC’s core mission, improving the lives of Maine residents and their communities,” said SMCC President Joe Cassidy. “This scholarship will have a real impact on SMCC students for many years to come. There is no more meaningful way to support your community than by building people so they can positively impact their communities and improve their lives. That’s what you’re doing with this equipment.

To be eligible for the scholarship, students must demonstrate financial need, be in good academic standing, be enrolled in the hospitality management associate’s degree program, and have current or previous experience working in the hospitality industry.

Students interested in applying can contact the SMCC Foundation office at 207-741-5559 or [email protected]

SMCC Announces Fall Semester Principal List

Southern Maine Community College announced that more than 1,200 students made the 2022 fall semester principal’s roster.

They include:

Cape Elizabeth: Wendy Breen, Heather Chase, Sean Collins, Molly Dall, Annika Demeter, Kiana Fuller, Hirruy Hagos, Ian Kruger, Rosa Larrabee, Brooke Pidhajecky, Mars Robichaud, Thomas Rodda, Jude Sauter, Shaun Tuttle and Georgia Wood.

Scarborough: Richardsky Adoux, Caden Angell, Sean Arsenault, Alison Berta, Lucas Betts, Liam Bradley, Harry Braeuer, Molly Carter, Ava Cavanaugh, Faye Cullivan, Nick Dehler, Giovanna Fizell, Noah Forget, Cooper Formant, Adriene Fuller, Meghan Gilchrist, Helen Griffin, Jaime Higgins, Ben Joys, Joseph Kabaso, Sarah Kyle, Jack Lafayette, Andrew Lane, Ai Ling Li, Jacob MacMillan, Whitney Martin, Derek Miller, Ben O’Shea, Sam Patch, Ruby Phelps, Andrew Pooler, Emylee Porter , Natalya Sanfino, Christine Small, Mollie Verreault, Alexia Vyas, Sophie Walker, Abigail Wendel, Emma Whipkey and Colby Whitaker.

South Portland: Brenna Albert, Kendra Alexander, Pietro Amoroso, Peter Anastasoff, Kaylin Apt, Jenna Ball, Alex Bambile, Emma Boivin, Mackenzie Bowden-Damon, Julia Brahms, Andrew Briggs, Liam Brown, Emma Campbell, Austin Cantara, Quinn Cardale, Suwigya Chaudhary, Taylor Clement, Matt Conley, Kevin Connor, Rin Cox, Christopher Crout, Olivia Dalphonse, Randall Delaware, Isabella Diphilippo, Marika Dominguez, Timothy Dubois, Hayley Eastman, Omar Elalam, Amy Eldredge, Jesse Feeney, Zach Frank, Miranda Gleason , Megan Gosse, Sara Groshens, Jenn Gross, Biken Gurung, Andi Hammond, Janeille Isaacs, Don Diego Kabwau, Evan Kaminski, Alexander Leupold, Edward Lewandoski, Iza LoBue, Djimi Longi, Mallory Lord, Julia McBride, Ahmed Mohamed, Tyler Morin, Camdyn Morrill, Becky Morse, Aime Franck Mugisha, Emmanuel Mutangana, Margaret Nason, Daniel Ndele, Eliza Nelson, Jed Newcomb, Thecle Nimpe, Finn O’Connell, Justin Olango, Cassie Ottati, Hylah Owen, Morgan Pasquali, Severina Pedro, Anthony Phillips , Mackenzie Piechota, Kate Plumb, Emily Roberge, Leah Ryan, Isabella Santeramo, Joyce Simbi, Sophia Singh, Abigail Sladen, Kelly Slechta, Amelia Smith, Julia St. John, Dolly Letters Stanger, Calvin Stanly, Caleb Torgerson, Ari Townsend, Scout Townsend, Sarah Trinward, Nathan Tshibemba, Delphine Uwingabire, Thanh Vo, Jewels Ward, Harry Weisenburger, Tianna Wilcox, Matthew Wilkinson, Sam Willsey and Michael Yattaw.

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