Dr. Kellyann, the direct-to-consumer bone broth lifestyle brand, now available at leading retailers nationwide

Founded by naturopathic doctor, NYT bestselling author, and TV personality Dr. Kellyann Petrucci, the popular bone broth lifestyle brand is bringing successful online products to stores nationwide—including new ready-to-drink bone broth

Veyl Ventures announced today that Dr. Kellyann’s Bone Broths – created by bone broth pioneer Kellyann Petrucci, MS, ND – are now available nationwide at Sprouts Farmers Market, Harris Teeter, Giant, The Fresh Market, Fresh Thyme Market and Whole Foods. Market, the first to carry Dr. Kellyann’s ready-to-drink bone broth in late 2021.

New ready-to-drink liquid bone broths available exclusively in stores include Classic Chicken, Classic Low Sodium Chicken, Classic Beef, Classic Low Sodium Beef, Lavender Lemon Chicken, Thai Lemon Chicken, Chicken roast beef and French onion in 16.9 tetra oz packages; and Classic Chicken, Classic Low Sodium Chicken and Classic Beef are also available in 32oz tetra packs. Online products range from single-serve bone broth powder to collagen-rich supplements and shakes.

When Dr. Kellyann adopted bone broth as part of her clients’ daily nutrition plans six years ago, she discovered that commercially available bone broth was far too high in sodium and lacked the quality of collagen peptides revered in traditional bone broth. She set out to create a range of great tasting and convenient bone broth that is low in sodium and high in protein. Made using recipes developed by chefs, all Dr. Kellyann Bone Broths feature the highest protein content on the market at 15g per serving, with natural herbs, slow-cooked chicken and beef bones, and organic vegetables.

“The most important thing for me is to help people feel better. Wellness is a way of life and we enjoy life more when we feel well,” commented Dr. Kellyann Petrucci. “My instant powdered broths are ideal for on-the-go convenience, and our new ready-to-drink liquid bone broths offer nutritious and efficient options for lunch and dinner. I’m so proud of the community we’ve built and I’m excited about this expansion into more stores across the country.”

“Drkellyann.com consistently crushes other leaders in the brick and mortar bone broth category by fourteen times1 more web traffic. It has proven success in the direct-to-consumer channel and customers keep coming back for more, which is why we’re confident the move to stores nationwide will prove to be just as successful,” said Andrew Baldwin, vice president of sales. , Health and Wellness at Veyl Ventures. “Undoubtedly, her loyal online following of 1.2 million unique customers and millions of viewers who see her regularly on national television programs such as Good morning America (ABC) and The discussion (CBS) helped make it the fastest growing bone broth brand in the natural channel.2

To learn more about Dr. Kellyann, visit drkellyann.com or join the gut health conversation by following @drkellyannpetrucci on social media.


Dr. Kellyann is a leading health and wellness brand founded by Dr. Kellyann Petrucci, originator of the Bone Broth lifestyle. Dr. Kellyann founded a direct-to-consumer brand focused on supporting women’s health issues that was acquired by digital growth specialists Veyl Ventures in October 2020. Under Veyl Venture’s ownership, Dr. Kellyann has grown exponentially and is becoming physical retail. bone broth in their next growth phase.


Veyl Ventures partners with leading experts in the health, beauty and wellness industries to develop some of today’s most innovative lifestyle-focused and sustainable brands. Veyl’s portfolio and culture prioritize people, planet and pets – forming a community of over 125 passionate and dedicated CPG leaders from around the globe. By reinventing the traditional business model, Veyl effectively expands brands with proven accelerated success. For more information, please visit veil.com.

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